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IIoT Project Services

Discover the value of your data

Have you stored data from your machines but have no time and no appropriate tools to dig into it? What if the IoT project can begin without connection to machine?


Start IoT Project without connection to data  

With InLab Study, we can leverage your machines’ insight and evaluate the impact of future connected maintenance services without connectivity! This is ideal for companies having data available, but not yet proper foundation or maturity for connectivity.




IIoT Deployment project usually begin with IIoT Proof of Concept, where true environment of InUse is configured and value of the digital services are proofed. During PoC, we will establish connection to machine and it’s data and configure live examples of Digital Services that are adding value to the business.

Duration of the PoC will vary depending of the case complexity, but it is usually 2-6 months.

PoC is not only demo or sandbox, it’s more a pilot for continuous IoT deployment.

Typical PoC results are:

  • Demonstration of the capacity to design the artificial intelligence and digital services
  • Distribute the knowledge to relevant people and leverage collective intelligence
  • Explain the value the digital services
  • Live demonstration for company management to proof technology and connectivity

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