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Smarter, informed decisions with visualisation.

A picture is always worth a thousand words and leaves purchasers wanting more. The 3D models you create can serve as digital prototypes and be reused in different contexts. By visualising 3D data you create clear pictures and films that can be used to better communicate your ideas and designs and avoid any misunderstanding that may arise, either internally or externally. You can also create, present and evaluate multiple variants of your products.


Benefits of using visualisation as part of your sales, design and production process

  • Save time and avoid iterations in your design and construction phase
  • Improve the quality of your tenders
  • Improve your technology presentations
  • Test your products before production using Virtual Reality (VR) & ergonomics
  • Market your products better


Video: Symetri's (former Cad-Q/Symetri) visualisation expert Martin Saldert explains the benefits and useful tips of using visualisation (In Swedish, English subtitles)


Improve the quality of your tenders

By visualising your products you can improve the quality of your tenders. A greater feeling of quality can also increase the number of successful business deals, reduce the pressure on prices and lead to greater consensus between you and your customer.

Improve your technology presentations

Visualisation is a powerful tool to increase understanding and reduce the risk of miscommunication internally and between you and your customer. Visualisation can help you provide a better basis for quick decision-making and create, present and evaluate more variants of your products.

Testing your Products before Manufacturing (VR & ergonomics)

With greater understanding of your product, internally and externally, you can avoid misunderstandings, speed up decision paths and increase the credibility of your company and the product. VR used to be very expensive, but with new technology and new software, the price has fallen considerably, so now everyone can use the technology to develop better products.

If you make driver’s cabins, for example, you and your customer can use VR to go into a cabin, see and feel if the steering wheel and the levers are at a comfortable distance, check if there is enough room to manoeuvre, if the size of the windscreen is right, etc.

Market your products better 

Using existing 3D data to produce marketing material is very efficient. It gives you a cost-effective way to produce professional pictures and, at the same time, to sell the product at an earlier stage.



  • VR = Virtual Reality = a computer-generated illusionary world, a place that appears real to the user.
  • AR = Augmented Reality = real time applications that mix information from the user’s physical surroundings with information from a software application.
  • Oculus rift = a VR helmet used to enter a virtual world and increase the feeling of being there.
  • Edddison = software used to facilitate navigation in a 3D environment. Used with, for example, the edddison table or other hardware (iPad, touch screen, etc.).


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