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Indoor air comfort

Simulate air quality very early on in the design stage.

When facilities are being built or renovated with today's latest technology you have the possibility to ensure that comfort and air quality will be sufficient very early on within the design process.


With powerful and easy to use CFD software, different designs can be very easily compared taking account of cost, energy consumption, comfort and more.


Autodesk CFD can help to design ventilation systems accurately very early on in the design stage, relying very little on physical prototypes. This can also help to secure tenders and avoid costs associated with design changes later in the design cycle.


Symetri can also help you via consultancy in the event you are under tight timescales.

Sven Eriksson, Simulation Specialist
Sven Eriksson Simulation Specialist Phone+46 8 704 80 20
Wasim Younis, Simulation Specialist
Wasim Younis Simulation Specialist Phone+44 7980 735244