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Pinnacle Series

Connecting People to Answers

Pinnacle Series is an on-demand AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) learning and productivity platform that uses multiple asset types to help organizations overcome everyday challenges they face in using technology.




Pinnacle BluePinnacle Series comes loaded with Workflows, Cheat Sheets, Videos and Courses, available in over 60 languages, to keep users productive and find answers when they are stuck. With this platform, all content is searchable through the robust search engine and available in your office, at home and on mobile devices.


In addition to thousands of pre-populated assets, Pinnacle Series is also fully customizable with unlimited private cloud storage, allowing organizations to use it as a platform to house corporate training materials, best practices and standard operating procedures. 



The Pinnacle Series revolutionizes the delivery of training & support and is ideal for:

  • Just-in-time Training on software and your own unique workflows.
  • Keeping occasional users productive with your custom procedures and tip & tricks.
  • Minimizing downtime when people get stuck, connecting them to subject matter experts.

Why Use Pinnacle Series?

No matter your role, Pinnacle Series helps bring value to your organization whether that is in increasing use of your technology investments, lowering training and onboarding costs, or taking on new types of projects. Ultimately, firms use Pinnacle Series to help strengthen their bottom line.


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Jan Tore Bugge,
Jan Tore Bugge Phone+47 91 63 85 58