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Naviate Water & Sewage

Naviate® is Symetri´s own product portfolio with localised solutions for Autodesk’s products.

Naviate Water and Sewage

Naviate Water and Sewage is a solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D for water and sewage designers. You will have access to a package of tools that means that you can realise your projects more quickly. AutoCAD Civil 3D is the market’s leading software for road and terrain design. In the dynamic construction model in Civil 3D, surfaces, cross sections, profiles, comments, etc. are dynamically linked, which means, for example, that changes to a plane are reflected instantly in the profile. This means that you can evaluate more alternatives quickly and easily, while your drawings are kept up to date and current.



  • Swedish menu palettes with structured workflow
  • Improved profile management
  • Improved water and sewage profile forms with, for example, the option to show only water pipes
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Extended library for different types of pipes/dimensions with the market’s most common concrete and plastic pipes
  • Improved Swedish section handling with 3D trenches and volume calculations, as well as excavation
  • Levelling features for simple editing of pipes in profile

Create pipes and wells

  • Plan drawings according to Swedish standards with associated dynamic designations: rules and styles for the Nordic markets that are easy to edit.
  • Link to terrain model for automatic positioning of pipes with the correct terrain cover and gradient.
  • Pipes are drawn in a plane but created as 3D objects.
  • The pipe network can be created in relation to the length measurement of a road.
  • Levels and gradients can be edited in the plane and profile, one at a time or in a table.
  • Collections of pipe types, dimensions and wells can be handled.
  • Styles for different types of pipe control the presentation of pipes and wells in a plane, profile, section and 3D. These styles are customised for the Nordic markets but can easily be edited as necessary.

Designations and reports

  • Standard collection for designations
  • The user can create his/her own designations with ‘all’ available pipe/well information.
  • Reports on incoming pipes and wells with lengths and excavation/fill volumes.

Profile drawing

  • Terrain profiles are created automatically from terrain models or manually.
  • Changes in the plane are reflected automatically.
  • Pipes and wells can be edited in the profile drawing.
  • Crossing pipes and other objects can easily be added.
  • Pipe data are presented automatically in the profile form.
  • Rules are defined for different types of pipes that control the gradient of the pipes and the cover relative to the selected terrain model or road surface.
  • Compliance with the rules can be checked.
  • Improved water and sewage profile forms with, for example, the option to show only water pipes, option to adjust text content and colours.
  • Levelling features for simple editing of pipes in profile, for example changing the gradient and slope for a whole route. The feature can also make upstream calculations. There are also features to easily change the day and the water pipe according to the height of the waste water pipe.

Section drawing

  • The network is transferred to section drawings, for either road or water and sewage sections.
  • Naviate Water and Sewage has its own functionality developed for Swedish water and sewage excavation according to AMA that can also handle rock excavation and stepping of backfilling.
  • A trench can easily be added to calculate volumes for excavation, the trench, backfilling, insulation, remaining filling, geotextiles, etc.
  • Changes to the plane and profile are automatically reflected in sections and volume tables.

Interference checking

  • Interference checking between pipes in the same or different networks.
  • Interferences are shown in the plane, 3D and as a list.
  • A selected interference can be zoomed in on.
  • Interference tolerance can be set in metres or, in Naviate Water and Sewage, interference checkings can be set up between all the pipe networks on a drawing.


  • In Civil 3D, all objects are created directly in 3D so you can rotate pipes and wells quickly and easily to see any mistakes.
  • Concrete and PVC materials are pre-defined for quick visualisation.




About Naviate

Naviate is a comprehensive product portfolio from Symetri containing solutions for users of Inventor, Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D from Autodesk. The solutions are based on wishes from our customers and consist of six main elements: Tools (software features), Library (creation of generic or specific content), Configuration (templates and databases), Interaction (exchange of information between platforms and formats), Methods (making processes more efficient) and Community (forum for dealing with user questions).

About Civil 3D

AutoCAD® Civil 3D software is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for civil engineering design and documentation.


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Martin Burrows,
Martin Burrows Phone+46 70 482 88 96