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INTERAXO brings efficiency into your construction projects. Get full insight and control of every step – from planning to handover and operation.

How can INTERAXO help your project?


Securely share and control documents and models

Find your information fast – anytime and anywhere. Manage and get access to updated documents, files and models without searching and waiting. Share files of any size in a secure and traceable way to project members across organisations.


Workflow management designed for construction projects

Avoid future disputes and boost your projects by standardizing processes like approval, changes and deviations. Ensure that everyone involved - across teams and organisations - are aligned and work on the latest versions of documents and drawings.


Get things done faster and more efficiently

Get things done faster and boost efficiency by working more structured with daily tasks in construction projects. Customized actionlists help you meet the demands the project faces every day and also makes follow-up and reporting more easy. 


Video: From email chaos to control


INTERAXO key features

  • All documents easily available – everywhere anytime
  • Traceable collaboration – invite members to work together
  • Save time with workflows that reflect the way the project work
  • Controlled approval processes – who does what and when
  • Efficient action lists – find status quickly and easily
  • Access at any time via INTERAXO Mobile
  • Manage administration – full overview of participants, roles, access and structure
  • Focus on security


Video: Interaxo brings efficiency into your construction process


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