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Intelligent Power Production by GibbsCam

SAVE TIME AND OPTIMISE THE PRODUCTION WITH IPP - Automation through Intelligent Power Production based on GibbsCam

The Intelligent Powerful Production solution from Symetri is developed for manufacturers who want 99% to 100% up time

IPP is a unique program of intelligent software, that automates the production.


  • Automation through  Intelligent Power Production  based onGibbsCam
  • Increase production capacity
  • Release CAM engineer for development tasks

From a pre-programming in GibbsCam, the robot now knows what to do next in the occurrence of machine stop in the present production.

In the IPP solution, the robot is preprogrammed to handle 3 random orders successively. The robot can stop the present production and change to a new tool to start with the new series without human interference. This way errors and machine break downs are avoided. 


99% up time creates more room for creative tasks for the technical staff

The logic has been implemented in such a way that the machine, the robot and the CAM software are communicating at the same level and with the same information.

Thus, they can assess and compare the present status and the update with the latest information.

At the same time, you can produce far more items of different kinds, as the machine is encoded to ’do something else’ during machine shutdown.

In this way, the solution provides more up time (99%) with more output as a result.

This intelligent planning enables people who would normally go in and remove an errorgenerated item to leave this to the machine and the robot.

This will allow employees to work with the development of new processes and other valuable tasks, rather than spending timeon manual routine work.

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