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Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren Phone+46 70 677 05 95


The cloud solution for efficient deliveries

Congeria is a cloud solution for document management from Adtollo that provides more efficient deliveries with the management of any metadata.


If you are used to working in Chaos Desktop you'll feel right at home in Congeria, a configurable web-solution where you can work with projects, metadata and document types. In Congeria you have the ability to check out/in documents that include version management and settings for jurisdiction, users and groups.

Congeria is compatible with Chaos Desktop 8.2. Find out more about updates in Chaos Desktop 8.2 here.  


What does Congeria provide?

  • Together with Chaos Desktop we focus on efficient deliveries
  • High performance
  • Unmonitored deliveries with synchronisation
  • Every project can be unique, optional configuration
  • Create project place from blueprints in Chaos desktop
  • Updates local project configuration, changes in project configurations are synced to all parties local Chaos Desktop
  • Management of links/xref. Synchronisation of drawing files bring attached models
  • Fast and intuitive web interface

The image below shows the links, metadata, history and log. The log shows down on the metadata level who has done what.

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Symetri handles service, support and sale of Congeria. 

Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren,
Tommy Axelsten Stjärngren Phone+46 70 677 05 95