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Get control of all your technical documentation with a full ALIM (Asset Lifecycle Information Management) system from BlueCielo.

With BlueCielo Meridian, your business will have a fully configurable ALIM system that keeps track of all your technical documentation.





  • BlueCielo software ensures that accurate, up-to-date data are always easily available from any location at any time.
  • Meridian combines maintenance and technical documentation, and improves cross-collaboration.
  • Meridian gives you control of your documents and all associated processes in all phases. From project planning and start-up, to delivery of the finished product, Meridian will also maintain your documentation throughout the operation and maintenance phase.
  • Meridian controls all revisions & versions, and has a full audit trail of all documentation.


What are the advantages of Meridian from BlueCielo and Symetri? 

  • Meridian controls the whole life cycle of information, cradle to cradle.
  • With the help of a proven ALIM strategy from Symetri and BlueCielo, greater awareness will be created throughout the organisation on which information is relevant, where it can be found, who has access to it and how it can be accessed.
  • The increased control boosts competitiveness, reduces costs and makes the information more available.
  • Established procedures for archiving, approval, version control, etc. are observed.
  • No one is unsure of where to find the documents and that only approved persons have access to them.
  • In short, your business will have a secure way of managing documents, drawings, emails and other material, as everything is saved automatically according to a structure decided on by your business.

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Per Niemann Christensen, Manager ECM
Per Niemann Christensen Manager ECM Phone+45 22 10 12 60