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Autodesk CFD

Computational fluid dynamics software.

Drive an associative design study within your CAD system or open a single model directly in Autodesk CFD and use a model-centric interface; automated finite element meshing with auto-sizing and auto-refinement; the Accelerant Simulation Engine; and the design study environment for setup, exploration and decision-making. Typical applications include consumer products, automotive, oil and gas, medical and Industrial machinery.


Autodesk CFD software offers a wide scope of fluid flow and thermal simulation capabilities to perform fast and accurate simulations of high-speed turbulent and incompressible flows, along with conduction and convective heat transfer.


Fluid flow simulation capabilities include:

  • Advanced fluid flow and heat transfer
  • Architectural and MEP applications
  • CAD Connection
  • Design Study Environment
  • Electrical and lighting applications
  • Fluid and heat transfer
  • Fluid motion flow
  • Intelligent automatic meshing
  • Mechanical and industrial applications

Autodesk Simulation CFD Advanced

Autodesk Simulation CFD Advanced software provides additional flow and thermal simulation functionality, allowing engineers to study transient (time dependant) simulations, compressible flow, radiation effects, and humidity. Typical applications include electronics, aerospace, defense, lighting, LEDs, valves, and architectural/MEP.


Advanced fluid flow and thermal simulation capabilities include

  • Advanced Fluid Flow
    Supersonic compressible
    Transient (time varying)
    Two-phase flows (humidity and steam mixtures)
  • Advanced Heat Transfer
    Internal radiation heat transfer
    Radiation through transparent media
    Solar loading
  • Advanced Conditions
    Relative humidity


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