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Higher quality, better accuracy, better control – and, not to forget, more environmentally sustainable. To stay ahead of the game, leading innovators within the building industry and facility management constantly need to find new ways to increase efficiency, reduce resource consumption and improve the quality of their work.

For quite some time architects and engineers have been good at utilising the possibilities of BIM. Now, with more and more contractors, building owners and building operators catching on, the potential for optimisation is growing exponentially across the complete building life cycle.

With Symetri as their partner, companies from all parts of the industry have managed to streamline workflow, facilitate collaboration and dramatically increase their chances of taking better-informed decisions earlier in the process.

Our state-of-the-art BIM and BLM solutions enable all project stakeholders to access and work with the same up-to-date data, from the first architectural sketches to when the project is finalised. And once it is, Symetri Facility Management offers everything you need to make the daily operations of the building or facility both smoother and more profitable.

Symetri solutions and services are always built specifically for your business. And to make sure you can maximise the return on your investment we offer tailored training programs and on-site consultancy performed by highly skilled consultants well acquainted with your everyday challenges.

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Read more about our offering and how other companies have benefitted from our services.

Read more about our offering and how other companies have benefitted from our services.


This is where it all starts. The landowner decides how an area or site is to be used. Having correct data is of the utmost importance for making well-informed decisions. Numerous questions are involved. Are commercial properties, housing or schools required? How will the surroundings be affected if the building plans are carried out? Would the area be able to cope with flooding? What is the best location for a wind turbine?

Symetri has solutions for web maps, master plans, detailed plans, infrastructure projects and laser scanning, on which to base carefully considered decisions.

Visualisation improves communication and helps you save time during design and construction.

Martin Saldert

Visualisation Expert, Symetri

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When the landowner has decided how the site will be used, the next phase commences – Conceptual & Requirement. This involves an analysis of how the project will be implemented. As architect, specifier or other player, it is important to test different options, simulate, calculate alternatives, perform impact assessments, and communicate ideas effectively.

We at Symetri have solutions and expertise that provide you with support during the early stages of projects. We supply, for example, solutions for drafts, visualisation, simulation, room function planning, and energy and environmental analyses.

If you want to keep your competitive edge, you need to team up with people with the right technical knowledge.

Angie Arroyo Mendez

BIM manager and architect at A-Lab

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Design & Engineering covers several disciplines, so excellent project coordination is essential. With access to intelligent 3D models, BIM helps project groups to cooperate effectively and to make well-informed decisions. BIM provides all interested parties with access to the same data, allowing everyone to work in parallel, so collision control and error checking can be performed at an early stage.

We at Symetri ensure that you get access to the solutions and expertise necessary for you to be able to deliver projects of the highest quality.

Using Naviate Structure on top of Revit cut down three weeks of manual work to 15 minutes.

Yngve Sælen

BIM Manager, SWECO

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As construction projects tend to be increasingly complex and involve greater numbers of interested parties, effective processes are essential. BIM and cloud based solutions enable all project members access to the same, updated information throughout the whole project, irrespective of time or location, thus simplifying synchronisation of the work.

We can assist with improving the planning, coordination and control of a project from start to finish, allowing you to coordinate disciplines, resolve design conflicts and plan your production for the best results.

We have chosen the BIMeye solution as we can see that we will reduce errors and save time working with the methodologies in the apps.

Erik Hilmius

VDC (Virtual Design Construction) specialist at NCC

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The ability to proficiently gather and maintain reliable data and documents is decisive for the effective operation and management of property. With all your property data in order, you have the prerequisites in place for the data to work for you and your business. If documentation is lacking, 3D laser scanning is an unsurpassed method for creating an exact copy.

We at Symetri provide you with help and support to effectively deal with and secure all your property information throughout the life cycle of the property, with the flow of information being both continual and reliable.

BIMeye Door Manager is a true time saver in facility management.

Mikael Rimskog

Akademiska Hus

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If or when a property is to be rebuilt, renovated or adapted to new operations, the property owner needs to decide what investments should be made. This is greatly simplified if all documentation is in order. The property’s condition must be recorded, and new construction documentation often has to be produced, which can be done by 3D laser scanning.

We at Symetri have the solutions and expertise for making the correct decisions in relation to renovation projects, such as archive services, laser scanning and simulation.

We are in the process of 3D scanning our properties from the 1970s in order to get accurate digital data.

Ulf Viktorsson

Technical Manager, Botkyrkabyggen

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How deep is your knowledge of BIM?

Read our eBook about change management and successful BIM implementations! Or contact us to learn more.

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