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September 2017 - Mechanical Engineering

New robot intelligence is boosting the production capacity at Hydra-Grene with up to 45%

The number of technical engineer graduates is decreasing. Consequently, Hydra-Grene decided to invest in new technology. The new solution – Intelligent Power Production – has created room for more innovation and an increase of up to 45% in production capacity. IPP is developed in close cooperation with the developer The OSP Eksperten and Symetri.

The solution – Intelligent Power Production – is based on the CAM softwareGibbsCam.

Hydra-Grene benefits from having Autodesk Inventor as their 3D modelling tool but as it is an all-round solution for most types of 3D softwares and CNC machines, the time reducing solution can be of value to any company wanting 99% up time in their production. The entire production process is controlled and handled in GibbsCam thereby eliminating the need for confusing individual CNC machine programs.

We have developed the IPP solution to avoid downtime in production. We can deliver 99% up time or more. By entering this unique intelligent software into the robot, we eliminate human handling during production. This enables the customer to automatically handle 3 tool shifts in a row. With a pre-programing from GibbsCam, we ensure, that the robot will know what to do next, in the event that a discrepancy would occur in the current production”, says Kim Vind Andersen from Symetri.

With IPP almost anyone can go in and remove the error with only a short introduction and the robot can keep working. Hence, the demands to the employees’ qualifications decrease.

 “The IPP solution makes it easier to train people and our in-house CAM expert can process other more innovative development tasks whilst the production is running on its own,” says Peter Larsen, production manager, Hydra-Grene.

Read the entire article on the development project here

The solution will be presented on the EMO fair in Hannover

Please contact Kim Vind Andersen for more information.