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Juha Kanto, Business Development Manager | IoT
Juha Kanto Business Development Manager | IoT Phone+358 40 5606 634
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January 2018 - IoT - Internet of Things

Industrial IoT is now part of Symetri solution offerings

Symetri has entered into a partnership with OptimData, the creator of Industrial IoT application InUse.

The potential and value for IIoT are obvious for many companies. However, there is a  challenge for companies to deploy IIoT due to very scattered IoT platforms, solution providers and lack of ready IoT applications. Small and midsize companies especially have limited possibilities to enter IoT software development projects due to lack of bespoke IoT software development skills. Also, the data collected from the machines has been difficult to analyse and utilise. Without proper data analysis, machine learning and AI collected data has no value.


Very often the early adaptation of IIoT solutions is remote monitoring utilities without more intelligence values. Projects have been bespoke software projects and turned out to be difficult to scale and expand. When the first PLM solutions were introduced, some companies decided to build their own applications. Since then, most of the bespoke solutions have disappeared and we believe the same will happen for these early IIoT solutions.


"The combination of industry expertise and technology innovation makes a unique value proposal to leverage IIoT potential. I'm very pleased to count Symetri as our partner on this great AI Journey," says Laurent COUILLARD, CEO and Founder of OptimData.


Symetri IIoT solutions are based on an available IIoT application which has a similar user interface to that used in Social media, which most people are already familiar with. Using these ready to use applications, customers can focus on data analytics, where the actual value resides. Easy to use AI design tools has time-series based analytics, functions and support industry standard concepts like MTBF and MTTR.


Symetri’s cloud-based IIoT solution is available in SaaS, so there is no additional cost for servers, database or software.

Please contact us if you want to hear more.


About OptimData

OptimData is a digital startup that takes up the challenges of industry 4.0. It was founded in 2015 by Laurent Couillard and Etienne Droit, who have more than 20 years of experience in software development and international leadership. OptimData has designed an AI application based on data from the industrial internet of things (IoT).

The application provides production machines with a language to interact with their operators by giving them information or suggesting actions to be carried out. The solution’s impacts are multiple: improving machine’s availability, controlling their total cost of operation or augmenting the operators and technicians by a collective intelligence.


Juha Kanto, Business Development Manager | IoT
Juha Kanto Business Development Manager | IoT Phone+358 40 5606 634