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Pål Janson, Sales Manager,  Project Services
Pål Janson Sales Manager, Project Services Phone+46 70 603 48 13
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December 2016 - BIM - Building Information Management

Efficient building life cycle management

Botkyrkabyggen takes control of the information process for more efficient property management.

  • Challenge: Lack of building information prior to renovation
  • Solution: Efficient information process from project to property management with BIMeye and FM Access

Laser-scanned model of the property


3D model of the property


Property owner Botkyrkabyggen faces big, demanding projects. It plans to renovate approximately 8,000 flats over a ten-year period. The documentation of the existing buildings has been neglected, and when Botkyrkabyggen determined how to run future building projects, the building information was one of the things it wanted to improve.

To ensure true-to-scale models for reconstruction and building information modelling, Botkyrkabyggen uses 3D laser scanning. In order to improve the document management it decided to implement Hyperdoc/FM Access. Furthermore, Botkyrkabyggen decided to increase quality and the access to building information to be able to manage service and maintenance more efficiently.

To provide designers, engineers and contractors with accurate information, Botkyrkabyggen invested in the modern cloud-based service BIMeye. BIMeye has been proven to increase efficiency by up to 50% when used as a platform for information management to meet delivery specifications. 


The produced delivery specification is applied to templates for the design and engineering solutions and BIMeye’s database. This gives designers, engineers and contractors a common platform, which makes it easier for them to collaborate and contribute to Botkyrkabyggen’s information requirements.

“By improving our information process, we aim to increase the efficiency of our project implementation as well as facility management, which is our core activity. As we currently already work together with Symetri on documentation and drawing systems, it feels natural to extend this work to BIMeye to get one consistent overview of our BIM and digitalisation work,” says Mathias Berglin at Botkyrkabyggen.

“Botkyrkabyggen has chosen us at Symetri as a partner to improve the efficiency of its information flow and its facility management processes. We see that as an acknowledgement that our competence and solutions add value. The agreement with Botkyrkabyggen is one of several interesting assignments we have got in this particular area in the past few months.” says Pål Janson at Symetri.


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Pål Janson, Sales Manager,  Project Services
Pål Janson Sales Manager, Project Services Phone+46 70 603 48 13