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ScandiNova invests in Sovelia for continued growth.

ScandiNova is a fast-growing company. Its patented solution for pulse generators, which have a key function in X-rays, cancer treatment and particle accelerators, is a product that is in demand on the market. By using semiconductor technology, in which ScandiNova is virtually alone on the market, it has been able to develop products that are smaller, cheaper and more reliable than the old tube technology. However, the company’s aim to continue growing requires better control of its products’ life cycle and to follow the customer’s system also after delivery, which resulted in an investment in Symetri’s PLM system Sovelia.

Business Challenge
• Fast-growing company that needs to be able to deliver large volumes
• Needed better control over the whole life cycle of the products and to follow the customer’s system also after delivery

• Chose the Lean PLM system Sovelia for traceability of its products also after delivery
• User-friendly and scalable system with approval procedure that is well integrated with Inventor and Vault
• Standard PLM solution with predefined templates and values, for example event management and the option to freeze structures

• All product-related information is stored centrally and is accessible internally and externally
• Has a system with a live structure, including an approval process, so it can continue to work with its customers’ systems after they have left ScandiNova
• Ready to deliver large volumes in the future


"We were happy with our previous investment in Autodesk Inventor as a design system and Vault as a PDM system and wanted to keep them. However, we had a need for a user-friendly and scalable PLM system with an approval process that integrated well with Inventor and Vault. As Sovelia meets all the requirements, the decision to invest was easy to make,
Per Benkowski, PMO & Engineering Manager ScandiNova

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