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Dispatch maintenance teams only when the machines require it.

As opposed to calendar based check-ups, running contextualized maintenance operations lead to the most adapted maintenance plans. Firstly, preventive maintenance relies on the modelling of the machines’ mileage enriched with status, performance indicators or default frequencies in the Studio. Furthermore, the maintenance work instructions are digitized.

Machines are then able to trigger maintenance operations according to the production context. The operators can quickly realize the report by including real-time measurements and annotated pictures.


  • Paperless maintenance (procedures & reports)
  • Data driven maintenance (according to the production context)
  • Optimized resource assignment (according to the real needs)


From calendar based to data driven maintenance

SHEM, a subsidiary of Engie, uses the driving force of water through 12 large dams and 56 factories in the Pyrenees mountain range. These facilities produce clean energy, without Co2 emissions, and are 100% renewable.



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