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Accelerate your continuous improvement.

Monitoring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in real time is the prerequisite to continuously improve machines or factories performances. Based on the data collected from the machines, the Studio enables the complex calculation of the key performance indicators : scrap rate, speed losses, unplanned stoppages…OEE is then designed & calculated accordingly.

The Studio enables also the creation of production reports which are automatically triggered according to any kind of frequencies : batch, calendar, complex rules,…The Share provides also a dedicated section for managers on the shopfloor with global overviews of production performances available in real-time.


  • Transparent calculation rules
  • Real-time calculation
  • Digitized production reports


Continuosly improving industrial performance

ALFI Technologies is specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of automated handling lines and automated production solutions. The group has developed a unique expertise in the fields of Intralogistics (Logistics and courier services, paper industry, tires industry and aeronautics), and Building materials production (Heavy clay, insulation, concrete, boards).